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Nurse Confirms Covid-19 Patient's Purposely Terminated (NYC)

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09 Feb 2021
Robert Tallie
Robert Tallie


Take a look at this! This Nurse documented and investigated practices that was performed in New York City during the highest peaks of the Covid-19 spread. She ended losing her job for being a whistleblower on exposing the dark agenda of willfully murdering patients on ventilators...

To make matters worse if you go on the CDC (Center Of Disease Control) website they tell you quote, "How you can get pneumonia during or following a stay in a healthcare facility." This is called Healthcare associated pneumonia in which is supported in the whistleblowers testimony here.

You can find the information here:

I made the argument that if you can be misdiagnosed with cancer undergoing treatment that essentially destroys your immune system what makes you think being misdiagnosed with Covid-19 wouldn't lead you to the same kind of health decline that would place your life in jeopardy through the use of ventilators meant for critical patients not healthy ones.

Second opinions and the real science is being censored/buried due to Politics not actual supportive evidence that suggest otherwise from their controlled narrative.

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