LinkedIn: Weapon of Mass Introduction -Highlights

22 Sep 2019
Jess Tiffany
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International Best Selling Author Jess Tiffany
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Topic: LinkedIn, Weapon of Mass Introduction

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What You Will Learn:
1) How to be the "bomb" at networking events.
2) Creating a fuse to ignite your LinkedIn profile.
3) Know how to identify your targets.
4) Create powerful messaging to explode the number of quality connections.
5) Blowing it up, turning introductions into conversations.

This training will help with:
How to get more leads with LinkedIn?
How to optimize my LinkedIn profile?
How to find more clients using LinkedIn?
How to use LinkedIn search to find who you are looking for?
How to use LinkedIn App to grow your network?
and much, much more.

As a marketing strategist and C.E.O. I have had the opportunity to speak to many audiences of every size, the chance to write articles for the Huffington Post, Six Figure Coach and Authority Magazine. Author an International Best Selling book and featured or quoted in dozens of magazines, newspapers, radio and podcasts.

Speaking topics:

How to Strategically Grow Your Business Connections On LinkedIn.
How to find 50k and upwards…of hidden revenue for businesses.
How to find your perfect customers online.

The LinkedIn business platform continues to be an integral part of any business strategy. It is becoming more and more important not only to build a great inner circle but to move beyond and to build large diverse networks. In his book, Jess Tiffany explains that at the end of the day building strong relationships is what matters. Continuing on he points out that we do not have to choose between quality LinkedIn connections and the quantity of your LinkedIn connections. We can choose both!

Think of LinkedIn as your social funnel, you build your solid core of friends, and then reach out beyond that sphere directly to your ideal customers, just like you would target them with a Facebook or Google Adwords campaign. Use LinkedIn to search and find people that have joint venture, or affiliate possibilities for you or your company. Connect strategically with people at companies that you may need their services over the next 10 years. Reach out to people with LinkedIn messenger and find people you would want to mentor you and people you think you could possibly mentor in the future. Make connections with the quality of people you would like to hire as your company grows.

People will often say things like why would you want to connect on LinkedIn and grow a network with all these people, you cannot build quality relationships with them anyway. Which is likely true... However, first, how would you know, have you tried? Secondly, you are going to spend thousands of dollars on trying to get customers to buy using advertisements. Guess what, they are not your friends and you are not going to be able to build a relationship with them. So why not intentionally target connections on LinkedIn and build a large network that will continually see your name pop up on their social feeds. Build trust and a relationship as a company so in 2 months or 6 years when that person is finally ready to buy, you or your company is top of mind. By building a network of quality prospects, partners, and future employees via LinkedIn you are grooming and building the future of your business today. Buy your copy today and learn some tricks, tips, and hacks to grow a stronger, larger LinkedIn network. (Concepts from this LinkedIn specific book can be applied to other non LinkedIn social media platforms as well)

* We recommend always following LinkedIn terms of service.

International Best Seller on Amazon and multiple category #1 on Amazon for Short Business Reads and Global Marketing

LinkedIn Business Tip: Open your LinkedIn phone application. Find the search bar and you will see LinkedIn provides a QR code that can be scanned so you can connect to each other very easily. It also is a QR reader also so both parties can easily establish a LinkedIn connection with each other.

Jess is excited to do an encore on your TED or TEDx Talk stage. He is available for hire for company training and Business Summits. Perhaps considered one of the best LinkedIn Trainers in the world.

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Beau Buckley
Beau Buckley 11 months ago

Great video with some really good tips for LinkedIn

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