TKO / Are You That Somebody - KRNFX (Beatbox Cover) - Justin Timberlake & Aaliyah ft. Timbaland

22 Jan 2019
Darren Seko
Darren Seko
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Here's my beatbox rendition of "TKO" by Justin Timberlake & Timbaland along with an original rap verse, plus a hint of Aaliyah & Erykah Badu, using the BOSS RC-505 Loopstation.

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Equipment used in this video: BOSS RC505 Loopstation @rolandcanada -

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Why you treat me like a punching bag with a bunch of jabs lunging at me with a hammer,
try to crack me open like a dungeness crab but I'm more like a dungeon dragon,
let's play this game of thrones, I got my sword and shield,
talking my ears off love, Evander Holyfield,
I think this ship has sailed, only time will tell,
got a couple more rounds left, saw a text from another guy now I'm in a holding cell,
float like a butterfly sting like a bee, got me smoking like a chimney and drinking like a G,
I would never hit a woman, yeah my momma taught me,
so I hold it all in a breathe, thinking imma leave, buckle at the knees, thinking imma fall,
but I come right back, for the love that you make and the games that you play you're the undisputed champ

Performed & Arranged by: KRNFX (Terry Im)
Video directed, filmed & edited by: Ed Park (
Audio mixed by: Ian Blackwood (
Audio mastered by: Jesse Colburn (Cloud Empire)
Video produced by: Danielle Lee (
Grooming by: Kelsey Peterson (
Hair cut by: Chris Ulibas (Capsule Barbershop)

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