How To Get Started On Crypto Pros With Only $2!

26 Jan 2020
Abdul Hamid
Abdul Hamid
United Kingdom
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Crypto Pros is a cryptocurrency advertising platform that offers valuable ad space to a global community of proven buyers.

The commission structure of Crypto Pros consists of two different 2x20 forced matrices.

The Bronze Matrix is text and banner ad product that allows customers to participate in a leveraged, re-entry, 100% matching bonus compensation plan.

The second revenue component is the Platinum (Login Ad) Matrix. This is a separate 2x20 matrix that pays a residual monthly commission. Entry is $50 one time and $25 is paid out instantly to the sponsor of the customer. The monthly subscription is a login in ad rotation service.

Bronze Advertising Matrix (Revenue Stream 1)
2x20 Forced Matrix
100% Match Bonus from Referrals
Product: one 14-day banner ad and text ad with unlimited impressions

Platinum Advertising Matrix (Revenue Stream 2)
Residual Income
$50 one-time purchase entry
Pays out a $25 direct referral bonus
$25 per month subscription
Top heavy commission structure (break even fast)
Products: Login Ads, Compound Monthly Ads (Text & Banners)

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