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Edwin San Juan: Payaso Comedy Slam.

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03 May 2020


In Comedy

Edwin San Juan • Payaso Comedy Slam • FULL SET: Mabuhay, that's how we say "Cheers" in the Philippines which sounds like a black guy talking about his girl smoking weed • Filipinos, we just look like stoned Mexicans • But when we get old, we all look the same, whether you're male or female, it doesn't matter • Filipinos when we speak English, we mix the p's and the f's, right? Have you heard that "Bepore?" See, that sounds "Pamiliar" to you • But we all talk funny, Mexicans you guys mix the y's and the j’s, jew know what I mean? Juess jew do • Latinos, you make fun of Asians, don't act like you don’t, I heard all that stuff growing up, come on, ♪ Chino, Chino, Japonés ♪ ♪ come caca ♪ ♪ no me des ♪ • White people are cool until you get fired, then you shoot everybody, when blacks and latinos get fired, "It's about time, fire a white guy, "I'm fired? What? I'll be back."

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Directed and Produced by: Scott Montoya • https://imdb.to/2LVcn0y

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