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Season End is Close So Let's See How We Do in @splinterlands in the Final Hours!!!

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15 Oct 2020
Jeronimo Rubio
Jeronimo Rubio


In Gaming

Hey, Hey Streemie's, Talking about some of my past jobs and life decisions I have worked and made. What resulted in me injuring myself. Looking to the future and hoping for better days every day. Playing some @splinterlands as the season is coming to an end. Completed a life quest but my plans on how I will play next season. I hope you enjoy this video.

Come Battle Me on @splinterlands ...

Every Day is a Day to Be Thankful for all the Amazing and Beautiful with the People in My Life, Like My Beautiful Fiance Vanja, Our Two Children Angeles and David, and All of My Family in Mexico, Norway, Thailand (My Brother @stewsak), and here in the USA. They Are a True Blessing in My Life and I Love Them With All of My Heart.

May You always live in the Abundance of Beauty, Love, and Be at Peace in Your Heart, My Amazing Family All Over the World... Go Out and Spread that Joy, Happiness, Peace, and Love Always Every Day. @jeronimorubio

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sfarzanali 6 months ago

Season End is Close So Let's See How We Do in splinterlands in the Final Hours

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