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What is IELTS Academia? A brief introduction to academia|Free IELTS preparation|Score band 8 & a

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15 Sep 2020
IELTS Academia
IELTS Academia


In this video, you'll get to know, "What is IELTS Academia"? How is it the most effective platform for IELTS preparation and score band 8 above." Our students' review about the IELTS Listening test, IELTS Reading test, IELTS Writing test, IELTS Speaking test preparation with IELTS Academia.

Visit Website: http://ieltsacademia.com/

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hakim12 11 months ago

Good explanation and valuable information. I follow you

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IELTS Academia
IELTS Academia 11 months ago

Thank you. Hope so you'll learn & grow with this channel :)

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