Glenn Helmendach

"Excellent alternative to the other video streaming services."

Who's Streemie For?

More then just a video platform, Streemie is for everyone.

For Creators

As a content creator you have multiple ways to earn and monetize your content through Streemie.

Our blockreward algorithm enables you to earn from the very first video you upload. Produce high quality and engaging content, you earn more.

Put your audience first and reap the benefits.

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Content Creators

For Viewers

We understand without an audience, content is worthless and unlike other platforms you will be a valued Streemie user.

Content creators and viewers go hand in hand, so it's only fair that you are rewarded for your interactive contributions.

Watch, Comment, Like, Share and Subscribe to earn Streems.

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Video Viewers

For Advertisers

Yes, you heard right. Streemie is for advertisers. If you're marketer, brand, business or advertising agency Streemie is for you.

With Streemie Ad's, we took away complicated ad creation and provided easy to follow steps to get your ad running asap.

Discover how to grow your business with Streemie Ads.

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Small Business

If you have any questions or need more information head to our knowledgebase to learn more.

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