Discover a sneak preview of some of our features that will change the way we do video online.


By implementing blockchain Streemie will become its own economy.

Crypto Wallet

Send and Recieve Streems peer to peer with Streemie secure wallet.

Rewards System

Streemie content creators and viewers will be rewarded for their efforts.

Ad Monetization

Content creators and viewers can monetize and earn from advertisement.

Freedom Of Choice

Social media is about choice and being rewarded both as a creator and viewer. When it comes to advertising, big business, marketers, and content creators are the winners while the viewer are the losers. Viewing advertisement should be a choice. A viewer reserves the right to see/or not to see ads, and the creator deserves the right to earn based on his/her efforts. Streemie is bridging the gap between both worlds.

For Creators

Streemie leaves destiny in the hands of the content creators. As a creator you have complete control over your content and the way you monetize it.

Streemie blockreward algorithm for content creators enables you to earn in multiple ways. Produce high quality and engaging content, you earn more.

Put your audience first and reap the benefits.